2 comments on “Yosuga no Sora VN Update: Nao 07/12/13

  1. Wow dude…. i just found this website because i’m really not patient waiting Doki release TLR Darkness. The trjr blog doesn’t link your blog in their update post.

    So you the one who “works” for trjr to translate Yosuga no Sora. Any chance that you will continue for Haruka no Sora after this project ?


    • Well, I can’t let any of my friends wait for TLR as well, that’s when I decided to translate the OVA by myself.

      Also, in TRJR, they haven’t updated yet, and I’m not the one who “works” in all, I just translate for Nao’s route. I was the former translator of Akira’s route back then, but there were some problems so I told Xilexio I had to leave. But now, I have come back to help them, and this blog is also new, as you can see. 🙂 Here’s the staff page, where I’m also recognized http://trjr.wordpress.com/staff/
      It was for Akira’s, not Nao, though right now, I’ll be finishing Nao’s route, since bekyuubi took Akira’s route before I came back.

      As for HNS, I think I’ll be also helping them once we’ve finished YNS. As for now, YNS comes to be the priority.


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