4 comments on “Yosuga No Sora Visual Novel: Nao – Update + Happy New Year

  1. excuse me admin, my name is Izarae, and a VN player, lately i wanna TL a VN, when i surfing to all VN translation site, the software which i saw is that one, could you tell me what software do you use?


    • Hmmm, it’s just a PSPad, it’s only a file editor. You can open up almost any file extensions in it and see their codes. Some people use it for hex hacking.

      I use pspad, since I’m comfortable with it, while my other teammates, I don’t know if they’re using some text opener as well.


      • i am here again, before i asking you this question, i am sorry if i make you bother, i am just, interest about this, ah, after i download pspad, and open an .arc file, i got this

        what’s wrong with that? thanks for quick respond 🙂


      • Hmmm, I think you missed one point. I’m with a hacker, before you can open and edit a script, you need to have a hacker, to get the script for you, plus the game. Now I know that you have the game, but that doesn’t mean that you can open the scripts right away. In Yosuga no Sora, in the team I’m in, we have our own scripts made by someone. Then we load it to our favorite text editor, and we can view the texts/scripts/dialogues. Also, you can open it notepad just in case you were wondering.


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