9 comments on “[shi0n] Witch Craft Works – 01 (1280×720 x264 AAC).mkv

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  2. As long as you don’t re-encode the video itself, there’s a trick to get a torrent like this going, even without uploading all of it first…
    Make a patch with xdelta of the differences between the raw and muxed version, so that when you apply the patch on the raw, the resulting file is the muxed one. Then have it as ddl, for example in this blog post. As the video would be the same, the patch itself would be quite small. Anyone who had the raw would be able to apply the patch to their copy and join the pool of seeds on this.
    No need to do this, just a suggestion of what can be done.


    • Oh right, but I prefer the renaming-style-patch. I’ll upload the .ass now for those who has the raw already. Some of my friends doesn’t have the raw so I really went all for the trouble just to upload this.


  3. しかし、些細な理由により、期限を延長することはありません。真剣にあなたの締切を取ると、あなたはより速く、より成し遂げるでしょう。あなたは締め切りとあまりに柔軟である場合、あなたは、もはや全く締め切りはありません。自分自身にあなたのビジネスのための好意とすぐに期限を設定する操作を行いますが、自分自身に期限を持つ任意の柔軟性を与えることはありません。


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