4 comments on “Yosuga no Sora Visual Novel: Nao – Update 11/01/14

  1. you play it too? and 2012? that’s a long time ago @.@

    i played it in mid september last year :3 and this VN has a nice, very nice story, also its art is awesome!!


  2. Well I feel like a jackass, posted this on your old blog, but I guess I’ll just ask here.

    Are you still doing the android port of YnS? If so is it absolutely necessary to resize the CGs? I am only asking because I have a 2013 Nexus 7 that I want to play YnS and HnS on, and it has a 1920×1200 resolution so the CGs will actually be kinda small for me anyway since I can’t be play it in windowed mode like I do on my PC. One more thing, just how involved is the porting process?

    Also thank you for picking up Nao’s route, while she isn’t my favorite, that would be Sora, I consider her route to be a vital companion to Sora’s route, much like how Akira and Kazuha have routes that complement each other.


    • I’ll be doing that when the translation’s are finished. Finished means, it has gone through translation checking, it has been read by the translator again after TLC, then QC, then TLC again, then QC again. I think that’s how we do it, and we’re still in the TL process. But, just hope for the best, I’ve been doing my own TLC for Nao’s script, but I’d still need someone to TLC it, which means, I need someone’s opinion on my translated script. I’ll be sure in the next patch, that Nao’s route would be much more understandable. I’ve spotted some mistakes on basic grammar on my script. So the porting won’t be done if the scripts aren’t done 100%. I’d also be asking some programmer to open up the audio files for me and convert them all to .mp3. We’re also waiting for someone to uncensorize the HCG. What I mean there is, redraw the censored HCG.

      Thanks for reminding me about the porting, I’ll be including more information regarding that matter with the update for Nao-chan’s route.


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