8 comments on “Drop List and more

  1. Hello we are a Brazilian sub and would like to know if you will not be able to get the Romanji OP Super Sonico ago if we are able to give all the credits to you guys.

    Thank you in advance if they can help us.


  2. You took too much on your plate shi0n to be honest. And if you are being discouraged because of trash individuals that critique fansubs for a living you should note that they (or that one person) is far useless and less valued then a translator. There are tons of editors but so few translator. This is what you should hold onto more then trash editors who can’t speak much if any Japanese. It’s good that you are humbled about the review though.

    It’s not my place to say it but why not focus on VNs for a bit after Yosuga no Sora? There are a lot of VNs that do not get translated and are in desperate need of translators. You can improve there if you want to better your grammar as you stated in your post.


    • Certainly, I always finish my food up. But, they’re not really trash. They’re individuals who voice out their opinions to the community. And yes, I’m always humble. If you can just back track to NotRedReviews review on me, you can see the same me.

      Hmmm, yep, I’m focusing on the VN right now. I’ve decided that already. Thanks for your comment by the way, it’s kinda encouraging that someone over the internet still thinks that way. Almost everyone in the internet, the fact that they’re not known by the millions, they just go and say stuff. Most likely, most people on the internet are crabs and lobsters. Anyways, thanks.


  3. Yeah less feeling fucked up sounds pretty good. Wow, thanks for doing 2ep. of Witch Craft, it’s nice to see more than one group on it; Watakushi-Nameless are so new they’re almost on subs-github… Grammar is just finding a consistency you can like at the end of the series. Looking forward to YnS whatever that turns out to be (chart fail!) …what, others have GoGo! 975?


    • It’s not a MAIN FAIL on Yosuga no Sora Visual Novel. If you weigh the accurate translated lines to the inaccurate translated lines, there’s still hope. Plus, I was really tired, everyone gets tired. And simply, I’m not a robot~ Though I wish I was, but if I were to be a robot, I’d prefer to be a Gundam, or maybe, a Persocom.


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