About this website:

Formerly a fansubbing site, but now, it has been turned into my personal blog.

I also have started a youtube channel, it’s not THAT much, but I’m going to voice over on my future videos. If you want to see what’s up on my youtube channel, just click HERE.


But, even though I have changed this site, I’m still taking in translation projects like before.

Here are my other accounts and my contact details. You can also message me on facebook(which I prefer most of the time), because, most of the time, I’m online on facebook.

Official Facebook Fanpage : https://www.facebook.com/shion.maku

Official BakaBt Account : http://bakabt.me/user/1383020/shi0n.html

Official Nyaa Profile : http://www.nyaa.se/?user=158453

Contact Email : shi0nfansubs@gmail.com (Don’t bother, I don’t usually open this account)/shion_shirayuki@yahoo.com

If you need me for any projects, just comment here or contact me using the contact details above this line.


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